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A Century of Building Dreams: Hamilton Builders' Supply Marks 100 Years with a Lead-Generating Website

Hamilton Builder's Supply

HAMILTON, Ontario – Hamilton Builders' Supply (HBS) has reached a monumental milestone – a staggering 100 years of unwavering dedication, partnership, and commitment to the Southern Ontario community. HBS is embracing its storied past and diving headfirst into the digital age with its shiny new website at to celebrate this centenary achievement. This transition is made all the more exciting with the ongoing support and digital carpentry of Blue Ocean Interactive Marketing and WEB ROI.

HBS: A Century of Excellence in Construction

From their humble beginnings in 1923 to becoming an industry titan, HBS has been the backbone of Southern Ontario's construction scene. Builders, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts have relied on HBS for top-notch materials and unmatched service. This remarkable improvement in their online presence is a testament to their commitment to the community.

WordPress: The Swiss Army Knife of Websites

Now, let's talk about their brand-new website. Working closely with the client, Blue Ocean Interactive Marketing and WEB ROI created a custom website that's not just a looker but a doer. It's not just for today; it's built for the future. Under the hood, this website is powered by WordPress, coupled with the latest components and security features. It's got everything - 15 pages of expertly crafted keyword-optimized content (that's like adding turbochargers to a bulldozer) and a scaleable Content Management System to grow with their business needs.

Keeping it Vintage, with a Digital Twist

It was important to this family-run Hamilton business to maintain the brand in this redesign. While modernizing the site's look and feel, Blue Ocean Interactive Marketing ensured that the foundations of the 100-year-old brand remain intact. The result is a visually captivating online presence that pays homage to HBS's rich history while embracing the digital future with generously improved UX/UI and modern custom graphics.

An Ongoing Digital Partnership

But the excitement continues! HBS has partnered with Blue Ocean Interactive Marketing and WEB ROI for an ongoing digital marketing journey. The Digital Marketing Partner Program, tailored to HBS's unique business needs, focuses on targeted website traffic, lead generation, and ensuring a solid return on their digital investment. This partnership is like the blueprint to success in the digital realm. And the best part? The website got its first lead just 5 minutes after launch (we have receipts)! That's faster than a cement mixer on a caffeine binge.

About Blue Ocean Interactive Marketing and WEB ROI

Blue Ocean Interactive Marketing and WEB ROI bring over 15 years of expert experience providing cutting-edge marketing solutions. They're not just web designers but seasoned professionals in the digital landscape. HBS is primed to excel in the digital realm with their ongoing support.

So, here's to Hamilton Builders' Supply – 100 years young and ready to take on the digital world with their ongoing marketing partnership. As they continue to build our communities, they're also constructing a digital legacy as solid as the bricks they sell. Kudos to HBS, and cheers to the next 100 years of building dreams!

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