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The Top 3 AI Video Marketing Tools That are Revolutionizing the Industry

Women video editing at night - The Top 3 AI Video Marketing Tools That are Revolutionizing the Industry

The Top 3 AI Video Marketing Tools That are Revolutionizing the Industry

Video marketing is evolving, and AI-powered tools are driving the revolution. Although they'll never replace true human creativity, AI video marketing tools can help save time, enhance content offerings, and fine-tune targeting. Let's explore three industry-leading tools that are transforming the video marketing landscape. 

1. Pictory: Transforming Words into Visual Stories 

When it comes to efficiency, Pictory takes the crown. Pictory does the magic of turning your articles or scripts into engaging videos without the need for extensive videography experience. This tool is a saviour for marketers and creators who may lack video editing skills but still want to create high-quality visual content in a flash.  

Key features of Pictory include: 

  • Instant conversion of text content into video 
  • Easy editing feature using text 
  • Creation of shareable video reels, perfect for social media 
  • Auto-caption and video summarizing capabilities 

Pricing starts at $19 USD per month.  

2. Wave Video: Your Creative Companion 

Wave Video is a comprehensive, user-friendly suite of tools designed to empower creators of all skill levels. This platform is perfect for crafting engaging and interactive content, thanks to its vast collection of video assets and customization features, including text overlay effects and diverse audio options. Plus, it gets bonus points from us for having a free version! 

Here's what you get with Wave: 

  • AI-assisted text-to-video conversion 
  • Reliable video hosting to improve your website's loading speed 
  • An extensive library of stock assets 
  • Variety of video formats catering to multiple platforms 

Pricing starts at $0 per month for the basic editor.  

3. Synthesia: Personalized AI-powered Videos 

This is one of the most robust AI video tools around. Businesses worldwide love Synthesia for its proven technology, tailored settings and multi-language offerings. Imagine having an AI avatar that speaks your brand's language, literally. Synthesia takes the concept of personalization to the next level with multiple customization features. Here's why it stands out: 

  • Multilingual platform supporting over 60 languages 
  • Customizable AI avatars for brand representation 
  • Professional voiceovers generated from text 
  • A variety of pre-designed video templates 

Pricing for Synthesia starts at $30 USD per month. 

Work with Real Videography Experts for The Best Results 

AI is reshaping the way we approach video marketing. However, it's important to remember that it's a tool to enhance, not replace, human creativity. Blue Ocean Interactive Marketing is here to support you in harnessing the potential of AI while keeping the human element at the forefront.  

Let's create video content that truly resonates with your audience, together. Contact us today! 

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