How to Make Customers Fall in Love With Your Website

Believe it or not, looking for love is a lot like looking for something on Google. You have that clear picture in your head of what you want, and you think that you have the means to have it, but more often than not, it turns out to be just another false advertisement.

As a leading digital marketing agency in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, we are not experts on love, but we know how to build a website to fall in love with! This February, we share some helpful tips and tricks to help you drive more customers to your website and achieve better results from your digital marketing campaigns.

Make Them Notice You

You Need a Well-optimized Website

Having one of these huge billboards on a busy street is one way to go with this. But in our expert opinion, there are better ways to attract potential customers to your business. Start with a beautiful website with simple navigation and sleek design. According to studies, 75% of your website credibility is determined by web design. So make that good first impression, and improve your traffic with the following steps:

  • If you want your customers to notice your business, you need a strong SEO strategy. Forget about repeating the same keyword over and over again, and start creating meaningful content that is genuinely interesting to read.

  • Optimize your business listings on Google, Apple and Bing. The same with your dating profile, if you created a business listing two or more years ago, it is time to update the information a little bit. For starters, create an engaging business description, list all of your services, and add your website. Depending on your industry, you can also add working hours, address and phone number, making it easier for potential customers to reach you.

  • Invest in PPC or social media advertising to drive more traffic by targeting the type of customers you want to see on your website. You have many options for demographic, interest and even geo-targeting to explore!

Capture Their Attention

Have a Memorable Brand Identity

Imagine it like this: a high bounce rate for a website means the same as lots of failed first dates for a person. If they go running in the first couple of minutes, this relationship will not work. Joke aside, it is vital for your website to engage your customers in a way that would make them stay for as long as possible. In order to achieve that, you should:

  • Have a unique and memorable brand identity. Because Blue Ocean Interactive is not the same as Green River Active, right?

  • Keep your website's design simple and provide an effortless user experience.

  • Let your web pages shine with some creative graphics, images and videos.

  • Have easy-to-read content. Nobody visits a website to solve riddles.

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Show Them Your Best Qualities, Products and Services

A business is often a representation of its owner. And their website is their business card. This is why it is extremely important to include more information about your company on your website – share a story of how you decided to do what you do, talk about your business values and goals.

Show your products or services in a way that resonates with your customer's needs. A mattress without someone sleeping on it is just a piece of memory foam, right? Create engaging product pages, showing clear images or videos of your products, include some customers' reviews and a call-to-action to lead the customer to the next step in the process.

Speaking of call-to-actions, it is time to remind you of our amazing web development services! We are experts in creating innovative websites, and we successfully combine effortless user experience with some fantastic graphics! Learn more about how we can help your business find more potential customers.

Make Them an Offer They Can Not Refuse

Include Additional Incentive for Your Best Products

Even though the leading factor for any purchase on your website would be the quality of your products, a promo code or discount can give that extra motivation to your customers to not leave things in their shopping carts. Like everything else in life, this should be made with style too. So stay away from bold colours and flashing ads, and incorporate your offer in the ordering process in a way that makes sense. Imagine a website giving you free shipping for a product that is no longer in stock. We think it's obvious why that would never work.

Don't Play Hard to Get

Don't Forget to Include Contact Information on Your Website

Filling out a contact form won't do much for your dating life, but having it on your website can make a huge difference.

  • Here it's important not to ask too many questions and limit the number of fields on your website's contact form to three or four, so it's easy for your customers to fill it out.

  • You can also create a dedicated web page for contacts and add links to your Facebook Page, Instagram or LinkedIn.

  • Having a phone number on your website is a great way to generate leads, but make sure that it is also clickable and enables the customer to call you right away.

 Creating a contact form on your own won't be as easy as tying a tie. Trust our experts and work with us to have the website your business deserves! Give us a call, and let's discuss how we can help with web development, graphic design and more!

Don't Wait for Three Days to Call Them Again

Engage Your Potential Customers With Your Brand

This may have worked in 2002, but today you shouldn't wait for them to forget about you before making an effort. There are many great ways to make your business stand out and engage customers further:

  • Use remarketing to show your business in front of potential customers who have already interacted with your business. They can be returning visitors to your website or people who have left their cart without finishing their order. Create different audience segments and target them wisely.

  • Create an interesting newsletter for your business and encourage visitors to sign up. Signing up can unlock additional discounts for them or give them access to some more exclusive offers on your website.

  • Be active on social media. But no, don't share your food on Instagram unless you actually sell food. In any other case, create more engaging content that gives additional information about your products, prices and business in general.

We have many more digital marketing and social media tips and tricks up our sleeves. Read more about our Content Marketing & SEO services, and give us a call to discuss how to help your business achieve more!



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