As a web design and development firm, we spend a lot of time on the web. We realize that the net can be a zoo to navigate with content being produced at a staggering rate every second of everyday. Not to mention, every ad, app and social media network also competing to steal our attention.

Deciphering which blogs are must-follows and which can be kicked to the curb can get taxing on one’s patience and one’s eyes when sorting through the riff-raff. But like we said, fortunately for you - our days are spent on the web and thus, we’ve put together a list of the best web design blogs to follow on the net. Whether you’re looking for web design inspiration, free fonts, ideas or CSS tutorials here’s a list of the best web design blogs we’ve found during our online travels:

Smashing Magazine 


As a blog devoted to professional web designers and developers, Smashing Magazine contains a wealth of resources and information for web design rookies and veterans alike. The site is easy to navigate with articles and tutorials categorized under the main headings of Coding, Design, Mobile, Graphics and UX Design. These top level categories are then broken into subsections like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript for ‘coding’ and User Experience, UI Design and E-Commerce for ‘UX design’. The articles are thorough and provide insight on the latest trends and research conducted in the field of web design.

Design Taxi


Design Taxi isn’t a web design blog per se – they cover a whole range of industries related to design including architecture, style, culture, tech, art, and beyond. It makes our list because sometimes you just need to be inspired. Sometimes you need to walk away from a project and let your mind reset by perusing beautiful and interesting things. This is exactly the place to do so. They also publish a number of tutorials and productivity hacks which teach practical Photoshop skills and tricks to help your workflow be more efficient. It’s definitely a site you want to bookmark.  



Codrops is a wonderful web design and development blog that consistently publishes articles and tutorials about the latest web trends and techniques. With useful resources and inspiration for creative minds, the site contains an extensive CSS Reference section for those who are in the know as well as multiple how to articles. If you’re looking to animate animals in CSS and SVG or want to learn how to create a “jump loader” animation with SVG and GSAP – this is the site for you. 

Webdesigner Depot


Webdesigner Depot is your one stop shop for how-to articles, funny comics, contests, code demos, branding info, marketing info and more. It’s an awesome resource for web designers and print designers alike with a full on freebies section that lets you download fonts, icons, PSD mock-ups and more for FREE. They offer welcome advice for freelancers while also delving into deeper topics that explore the implications web design and technology has on us psychologically and culturally. There’s really cool stuff to discover here so definitely check them out.

Spoon Graphics


According to themselves, Spoon Graphics is home to a range of design tutorials, free resources and inspiration to help you have fun creating cool stuff! And they are totally on point saying such. This web design blog features a great video tutorial section for those who like to watch a process and learn. Topics range from How to Create a Double Colour Exposure Effect in Photoshop, to how to Design a Print Business Card in Illustrator. There’s also multiple written how-to articles. The Freebies section contains downloads for graphics, logo templates, video transitions and so much more. Want to learn how to create a cinemagraph? They’ve got you covered also.

Web Design Ledger 


Web Design Ledger features fresh content daily by web designers for web designers. This web design blogs rocks some pretty great articles about web design, development, inspiration, user interaction and even has a section devoted to Content Management Systems irrespective of whether you’re a Joomla, WordPress, Drupal or Ghost lover. They provide reviews on templates, tutorials for Photoshop and Illustrator and write about current trends in the web design world. You should definitely check them out.

Creative Bloq


Creative Bloq is another great web design blog that frequently publishes about all things web design, graphic design, digital art and typography related. Their how to section will teach you how to create animations that scale for all devices, how to add texture to vector graphics in Photoshop or how to create a seamless repeat animation in AfterEffects (in addition, to many other practical design skills). Their blog also publishes relevant articles about workflow productivity, web design trends and news, as well as tips for being a better you. (Cheesy, but true.)

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