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Swizzlesticks Refresh Launched!

Swizzlesticks came to Blue Ocean with an attractive site and a lot of great content, but they drastically needed help updating the programming and organization to meet the modern standards of today’s web. This included moving the site and web store to a single user-friendly CMS system, as well as a design refresh and responsive programming, allowing the site to be viewed across any platform or screen size. To learn more about Blue Ocean’s award winning web design go to our Calgary web design page.

About Swizzlesticks

Swizzlesticks is an award-winning, locally owned world-class SalonSpa located in the heart of Kensington Village, Calgary. We believe that having this singular location in Calgary for over 25 years has kept us focused on the highest quality guest experience. Our team of professionals is confident and well trained and maintains a fun and friendly approach. Swizzlesticks works in an environmentally responsible manner with a simple mission: to bring our Guests the very best in natural beauty, health and wellness.

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