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1-888-595-9932 Launches New App

The Blue Ocean App Development Team has delivered yet another app, this time for

Connectable is the 100% online, searchable, mobile and real-time performance management tool for Executive Associations. Connectable streamlines your communication and management.


Members enter leads into Connectable from their phone or their desktop. If that lead is for everyone it will show on the lead feed. If it is a direct lead for one specific member, that member will receive it as a push notification.


Connectable provides guest conversion, member attrition rate and member performance metrics including attendance and participation. Simply click and print.


No need for the ED to type leads, announcements, member’s thanks and upcoming events for the newsletter ever again. This information is constantly entered throughout the week. The member customizes what information they want to receive and when they want it to arrive in their inbox. No ED involvement required.


At each meeting, the ED clicks on the names of the members and guests in attendance. Now, they can sit back and enjoy the meeting.


The dashboard is where everything comes together. The ED can customize which tiles appear on the dashboards: events, testimonials, thanks, open categories, announcements, performance metrics, attendance. Hide or re-order tiles to what makes sense for your association. For members, the dashboard is the one go-to place to find all the networking meeting information and their personal metrics.


EDs enter events, including recurring meetings into the Connectable calendar. Members can choose to download the events into their personal calendar or view on their Connectable dashboard.


A place for members to upload information on open houses, anniversaries, and other social events. The member no longer needs the ED to email information out about their event to the entire membership.

Take a look at the App here:

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