Discover the New Acorn Landscape Supply Website: Your Ultimate B2C Landscaping Destination!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the revamped Acorn Landscape Supply website! As Acorn Landscape Supply's trusted web development partner, we have worked diligently to craft a website that caters to B2C customers, streamlines e-commerce, and offers an enjoyable online experience. Our aim was to bring Acorn Landscape Supply's vision to life through a welcoming, clean, and user-friendly website that reflects their brand and values. In this blog post, we are eager to share how we transformed Acorn Landscape Supply's online presence to boost sales and create a seamless shopping experience for their customers.

Seeding Success: How Acorn Landscape Supply Leveraged Our Services for a High-Performing E-commerce Website!

A Welcoming and User-Friendly Design:

One of the primary objectives of the new Acorn Landscape Supply website was to create a design that is both welcoming and user-friendly. We collaborated closely with Acorn Landscape Supply to comprehend their vision, and our team of expert web developers brought that vision to life. The website showcases a modern and clean design with vibrant and inviting colours that represent Acorn Landscape Supply's brand personality. The layout is designed for easy navigation, enabling customers to swiftly locate the products they require and complete their purchase effortlessly. We ensured that the website is responsive and mobile-friendly, guaranteeing a seamless experience for customers, regardless of the device they use.

Streamlined E-Commerce:

As an e-commerce platform, optimizing the website for online sales was essential. Our team incorporated robust e-commerce features that enable customers to effortlessly browse and purchase products from Acorn Landscape Supply. We crafted product pages with SEO-friendly copy and descriptions, making it simpler for customers to discover the products they need through search engines. Additionally, we integrated a secure and efficient checkout process, guaranteeing a smooth transaction for customers while maintaining the highest level of security. 2


Promotions and Sales:

To boost customer engagement and sales, we designed a dedicated space on the website for promotions and sales. This allows Acorn Landscape Supply to showcase their special offers, discounts, and seasonal promotions, enticing customers to capitalize on fantastic deals. By prominently featuring promotions on the website, we aim to increase customer interest, engagement, and conversion.

Optimizing the Contact Us and Careers Pages:

As user experience specialists, we recognize the significance of effective communication and customer service. That's why we optimized the contact page, making it simple for customers to connect with Acorn Landscape Supply for inquiries or assistance. We also established a careers page to attract potential candidates interested in joining Acorn Landscape Supply's team. By offering a seamless and user-friendly interface for customers and prospective employees, we sought to enhance the overall experience of interacting with the website.


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We take pride in partnering with Acorn Landscape Supply to develop their new website that appeals to B2C customers, streamlines e-commerce, and delivers a seamless online experience. At Blue Ocean, we are dedicated to providing exceptional web development solutions that assist our clients in achieving their business objectives. Thank you for selecting Blue Ocean as your web development partner, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with Acorn Landscape Supply and other clients to create outstanding websites that yield results.

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