When Rainbows and Pixels Collide - WEB ROI Gets a Bold Website Redesign

The Future of Digital Marketing in Canada is Bright

WEB ROI has traded in their race cars for rainbows with the launch of its new website redesign, but don't let whimsy fool you - WEB ROI means business when it comes to driving leads for their clients.

Our sister company, WEB ROI prides itself in being a premiere digital marketing agency, serving our clients from coast to Canadian coast. We are so excited to share this website refresh, and there could not be a more perfect time to launch than on our first anniversary since the merger in April 2022! 


Conversion Rate Optimization: The Engine Behind a Colorful Strategy


WEB ROI's approach to digital marketing has continued to evolve, and they've kept pace with the latest trends and technologies. Easy-to-use content management systems (CMS) ensure that websites can stay fresh and engaging. But, underneath the colourful exterior of their new design also lies a powerhouse of digital marketing strategies. Conversion rate optimization, improved page speed insights, search engine optimization, and the latest security components offer visitors a smooth and secure browsing experience at


Interactive Design: Adding Whimsy to the Web

But WEB ROI didn't stop there. The website also boasts interactive elements inspired by many previous builds by the Blue Ocean team. Interactive web design is essential to a positive and engaging user experience (UX). Custom and interactive designs also help businesses stand out in a crowded digital landscape, enhancing brand identity and providing something truly unique and memorable. Check out some super cool SVG animations and bold buttons that added a touch of whimsy to If you're lucky, you just might stumble on their magical 404 page that guides visitors back on track. Let's face it, 404 error pages happen. This can be incredibly frustrating for users, not only because the content they were searching for isn't displaying, but also because the design of the error page is often uninspiring to continue their journey. We believe that even a 404 error page can be an opportunity! By using a clever or exciting 404 error page, you can quickly ease the blues of your site visitors and can turn a negative experience into a positive one. This not only helps you keep users on your site but also makes them more likely to remember your brand and return in the future. The devil's in the details...or is it a unicorn? 😉


What Sets WEB ROI Apart: A Digital Marketing Agency that Goes the Extra Mile

What sets WEB ROI apart from other digital marketing agencies? It's their commitment to going the extra mile, whether it's an internal or external design project. With a focus on web design and development tailored to each business, WEB ROI takes a passionate approach that delivers results. Their proven process allows enterprises to successfully outshine competitors with a strong website and an effective online marketing strategy. As a trusted partner, WEB ROI acts as an extension of your business, working hard to establish a professional and personal collaborative relationship.


So there you have it - WEB ROI's colourful website design is more than just a pretty face. With a focus on conversion rate optimization, interactive design, and driving results, WEB ROI is poised to take your business to the next level - or to that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Whichever comes first.

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