This Courageous Website Got a Brand New Design

Blue Ocean is proud to announce the launch of the brand new website for House of Courage!

The team worked closely with the client and:

  • Re-designed their website for easier navigation and a positive customer experience.

  • Used the latest CMS components and security features to provide a beautiful, welcoming, and secure new website, optimized for mobile, tablet, laptop and web.

  • Developed their content strategy by creating monthly blog posts focused on SEO, and managed client's social media channels, resulting in many new followers and clients!

  • Designed a two-page printed brochure with a similar feel to the new website to help promote all the new and exciting service offerings from House of Courage.

House of Courage provides services related to self-improvement, including Life Coaching, Counselling and Motivational Speaking. The website is a place for support, inspiration and positivity for those of us who need it the most. 

Visit the new website here:

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