Gallo Lab's Website Will Blow Your Mind!

We won't brainwash you into loving the site, but look for yourself! It's mind-blowing how awesome it is!

Our very talented team did a whole website refresh on this amazing company. We added in a custom video slider with particle effects, click around and see the explosions. We've had a little too much fun clicking. 

We made the website more user-friendly, gave it a brighter interface with lots of visuals and added a search function for their publications. We connected their Twitter feed and donations for their amazing work on brain cancer. The team had a great time working with graphics provided by the client to renew this website. 

The Gallo Lab is a highly interdisciplinary research group that aims to develop new treatments for brain cancers. Our team consists of bioinformaticians, computational scientists, biochemists and molecular biologists. They use single-cell genomics, bulk genomic technologies, clinical samples and patient-derived preclinical models to identify epigenomic vulnerabilities in brain cancer.

For more information, visit

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