whale thumbWestern Manufacturing came to Blue Ocean with an exciting new project they wanted to share with the world: “The Whale” mobile storage tank. Blue Ocean delivered beyond expectations with a vibrant new site highlighting the features of this innovative equipment. In keeping with modern design standards the site is ‘Responsive’ meaning a single site that will work across all platforms including laptops, mobile phones and tablets. To learn more about what Blue Ocean’s responsive design go to the Calgary web design page. A promotional video is also currently in production and coming soon!

This innovative new mobile tank concept provides exceptional value, volume and options within the same trucking dimensions as 2 – 400 bbl tanks on a scissor neck trailer!

  • Moves easily in AB and BC under annual blanket fleet permitting (one pilot car required in BC)

  • Holds 230 cubic meters of fluid – equivalent to 1,447 bbls

  • 2 million BTU burner. Built-in CSA certified burner system heats the water 20 Degrees in approx. 12 hours (thermostatically maintains temp.)

  • Fully DOT certified and inspected

  • Insulated with high tech metal clad, polyurethane panels (R12 insulation value)

  • Tank is fully engineered and certified for fluid with a 1.2 specific gravity

  • Sloped bottom that terminates into dual sumps for 100% clean out

  • Requires no climbing to operate

  • Fully sealed venting for sour service

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