dr-bishop-ecommerce-website-design-calgary Working closely with Dr. Bishop, we have developed a customized e-commerce website that allows our client to utulize a complex and detailed ordering system. This custom ordering system was put in place because the store offers perscription and non-perscription contact lenses and other optometry related products that require specific information to be processed for each order.

Dr. Bishop & Associates licensed Doctors of Optometry have been proudly serving the Calgary community for over 25 years! Their expertly trained Optometrists provide quality eye care for the whole family using the latest and most advanced technologies available. They provide eye care such as comprehensive eye examinations, diagnosis of serious eye diseases, children's vision care, and laser eye assessments.

Dr. Bishop & Associates are located in Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest Calgary in Marlborough Mall, Northland Village Mall, and Southcentre Mall. All 3 offices in Calgary are interconnected electronically so your history is accessible to any optometrist you see. For your convenience their offices are open mall hours 7 days a week.

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