But we couldn't hold it any longer! The Blue Ocean team travelled to Red Deer for a photoshoot! We were able to capture 24/7 Compression and Belair's impressive workplace with custom on-site drone photography and had so much fun!

We developed a custom locations map for their website and improved the visuals, highlighting their services with high-resolution images. When 24/7 Compression and Belair, two western Canadian power-gen titans combined into one we helped amalgamate the website into a one-stop-shop, redirecting all of Belair's old domain to 24/7 so that customers always landed in the right spot. We helped clean up the copy to ensure both businesses maintained their identity on one website.

If you know the Blue Ocean team, you would know that we love coffee a latte! A steaming hot cup in the morning is the most brew-tiful thing. It Mocha us very happy. 

Chronicle Coffee has been a long-time client, working to continue its coffee legacy. Our amazing designers developed a brand new site and had a formal launch for them. We helped them with their new eCommerce store, an all-new shop with all coffee products and brewing gear. We set up a subscription service with custom video and in-house voice-over work. An updated look and feel to be even more fresh and modern. 

One of the most unique companies that we worked on, it is out of this world! 

The team helped Wildy Enterprises with a full branding refresh, including logo refinement. We helped revise all of their copy and content based on the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices. For their "About Us" page our talented developers created a custom timeline for their company. Visually a very stunning site, we focused on their unique skill-set of remote engineering and remote locations.

We won't brainwash you into loving the site, but look for yourself! It's mind-blowing how awesome it is!

Our very talented team did a whole website refresh on this amazing company. We added in a custom video slider with particle effects, click around and see the explosions. We've had a little too much fun clicking. 

We made the website more user-friendly, gave it a brighter interface with lots of visuals and added a search function for their publications. We connected their Twitter feed and donations for their amazing work on brain cancer. The team had a great time working with graphics provided by the client to renew this website. 

Did we make you do a double-take? Because that's what you'll do to Alberta Blue Book's new app! 

The Blue Ocean team handles updating Blue book's app every four years, a complete update of over 600 items. The project is funded by the Government of Alberta, Agri-Canada, and the Association of Alberta Agriculture Fieldmen (AAAF). We created this app to help farmers find everything in one location. This app pulls from an extensive website database. 

"We don't need no water let that motheršŸ˜¶ burn!" Not sure if we agree with Rock Master Scott & the Dynamic Three, but this site the Blue Ocean team did for Firemaster is HOT!

We provided them with a whole new branding and logo update. The team redid the website to make it look more modern, with lots of visuals and much easier to navigate around the website. The site utilizes an interesting visual dropdown menu with images of the services and a new "Request a quote" form. We've updated the site with the latest content management systems (CMS) and security. Browse around on all platforms; the Blue Ocean team has ensured the website is user-friendly on mobile and desktop.

Crash Cases chose us for their web development services, and by the looks of their website they chose right. I rest my CASE!

The Blue Ocean team greatly updated the look and feel of Crash Case's old website to something more modern. We switched them over from their Shopify account to our own custom e-commerce component. This saves them the never-ending monthly cost of Shopify. The team updated all their products and marketing campaigns as well. Moving forward we will be providing them all the support they require as they are now using our premium hosting services.

"Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy – both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me." - Michael Scott, The Office

We're afraid of how much Strategic Leader loves this website!

The Blue Ocean team did a full branding and logo concept development from scratch, with the help of team members at Change my Life Coaching, to curate their latest coaching venture with Strategic Leader. We did a full rework of their copy, providing services that satisfy the latest in SEO practices. Our designers created a custom splash page for the client before the website launch and created customized graphics and animation throughout the site. The team worked to develop a website that promotes a CTA (Call-to-action), it has that WOW factor. We ensured the site was mobile, tablet and desktop friendly and upgraded it to the latest CMS (content management system) components and security.

GlassMasters is a long-standing client of ours who wanted a complete redesign of their website. 

The Blue Ocean team packed up their gear and travelled to Edmonton for a Covid-safe photoshoot and pizza party! After the successful shoot using our drones and cameras, we were able to design a custom homepage video that captures their awesome services and professionalism. Keeping their existing branding we modernized the look and feel of the site. We did a full overhaul of the website's copy and implemented our best SEO practice. We were able to create custom credit application/account forms for their commercial services. We had the pleasure of working closely with a number of team members to make the website user-friendly on both desktop and mobile devices. 

boim logo cca 2021

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