The Blue Ocean Team is proud to announce the launch of an all-new website development for one of our longtime existing customers, True North Christmas Lights.

With the 2014 holiday season knocking at our door, the owner of True North Christmas Lights decided to upgrade his original website with a fresh new design and a major overahaul to both the content and the content management system that was in place.

The Blue Ocean Interactive Marketing Team is excited to announce the launch of a new responsive website for International Practical Shooting Confederation - IPSC Alberta!

The new IPSC Alberta website uses the latest in responsive website technology and our newest version of our Content Management Software we offer. This allows the IPSC team to manage member registrations, range bookings, plan events, and post news and other updates at any time.

Blue Ocean is happy to announce a new website for Insight Condos! The website uses an easy-to-use content management system.

Insight Condo Services Inc. provides financial administration services catering to small and medium-sized condominiums with an involved board and owners. Larger condominium corporations with an on-site caretakers would also benefit from the services we provide.

Take a look at the new website:

The Blue Ocean App Development Team has delivered yet another app, this time for

Connectable is the 100% online, searchable, mobile and real-time performance management tool for Executive Associations. Connectable streamlines your communication and management.


Members enter leads into Connectable from their phone or their desktop. If that lead is for everyone it will show on the lead feed. If it is a direct lead for one specific member, that member will receive it as a push notification.

The Blue Ocean App Development Team has been working hard to deliver useful and engaging apps that will help clients work in their fields more efficiently and be connected to their customers and industry on a regular basis.

We are proud to announce the launch of a new app for AAAF!

Agricultural Fieldmen have always been central to the success of Agricultural Service Boards. They develop, implement, and control programs designed to carry out priorities and policies set by their Agricultural Service Board.

Avellino's Catering has been a long-term client with Blue Ocean and recently the time had come to do a major website update. The Blue Ocean design and development team was able to deliver a fully updated design utilizing maximum screen real estate as well as programming the template to be 'Responsive' for all devices. We also included a major upgrade to their Content Management System and their Search Engine Optimization.

The Blue Ocean design team was able to create an all-new website for seniors assisted living developers - SeniorsCircle Developments. We worked closely with the SeniorsCircle group to ensure the right kind of look and feel was established along with relevant visuals to entice investors and prospective clients to invest in their upcoming assisted living developments.

Blue Ocean is proud to help develop the new website for Supported Lifestyles! The website uses the latest resposnive template technology along with an easy-to-use content management system.

Blue Ocean Interactive is one of Calgary's leading web developers offering award-winning service for over 400 satisfied clients. Learn more about Blue Ocean's web design here:

We have teamed up with Sandbox Creative Group to work on various projects together and one of the first ones was to develop a brand new website for their very own company. The Sandbox creative team provided the intial design and layout and the Blue Ocean team was able to finalize the design working closely with them.

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