Now you can express your ideas and speak your mind using the new Alberta Manifesto website. The Blue Ocean Interactive team developed a site that allows any registered user to enter a manifesto item but only Alberta users can participate in the ranking process. The entire content of the site can only be accessed by registered users and is utilizing the latest security comonents we offer.

Blue Ocean Interactive, based in Calgary, Alberta, is happy to announce the launch of a brand new online store for Top Nut Industrial. Working closely with key people of Top Nut Industrial, the team was able to develop a custom solution that integrated with their 3rd-party e-commerce engine software. The website utilizes our CMS and is able to work with any existing POS online software that is available.

The Blue Ocean Interactive website design team is happy to announce the launch of a new branding and website development for OrbSurgical Ltd. The Blue Ocean team worked closely with key people of OrbSurgical to create a fresh new look for both their branding and website experience. The new website utilizes our latest version of our Content Management System along with our newest components and security features which provides users with the best presentation of what OrbSurgical has to offer.

Blue Ocean Interactive is excited to announce the launch of new online shop for Dormir Mattress who provide regular and custom-sized natural latex foam mattresses and sleep accessories. Our team worked closely with key people of to create a visually stunning and easy to use ecommerce store that delivers a quick and easy experience in purchasing a new foam mattress delivered right to your door.

We are happy to announce the launch of a brand new website for Echo Geotech, a division of who provide Geotechnical Engineering, Mining, and Water Resources services. The Blue Ocean Interactive team worked closely with key people of Echo Geotech to develop a unique and informative website experience. Blue Ocean also helped develop the visual aspect with custom video edits and photography along with custom icons and layouts to help enhance the overall presentation.

We are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new website development for Calgary-based medical and cosmetic dermatologist facility - Beacon Dermatology. The Blue Ocean website design team worked closely with key people of Beacon Dermatology and produced a modern and efficient website development. The site utilizes our most advanced content management system along with the most up-to-date components and security features.

The Blue Ocean Interactive team has been working closely with FAB Events Inc. and would like to invite you all to the 2nd Annual Essex Lease Financial Corporation Golf Classic! The event planners hope that you are prepared for a slightly unique experience at this Golf Classic, as they are fully prepared to offer up an exciting morning/afternoon of golf, great food, cold beverages, entertainment… all in under 6.5 hours!

We look forward to seeing you at Sirocco Golf Club on Thursday, May 28th, 2020!

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Calgary web designers, Blue Ocean Interactive, is happy to announce the launch of a major website update for North American drilling contractor - Lasso Drilling Corporation. The Blue Ocean team worked closely with key contacts of Lasso Drilling to ensure the significant updates to all areas of the website were developed properly and as desired. The newly updated site now offers a much more balanced showcase of their American and Canadian presence in the market.

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