In the words of Maroon 5, "I need that sweetness in my life, sugar! Yes please!"

The Blue Ocean team was very excited to take on this very cute website for Sucre Body Sugaring Boutique. With their goal to educate clients on what sugaring is vs waxing, we made sure to make education In Your Face, with cute graphics showing step by step how natural their hair removal product is. We provided Sucre with the latest CMS (content management systems) components and optimized their site for all platforms such as mobile, computer or tablets. To ensure clients understood their cancellation policies, our designers made it very clear, with pop-ups reminding clients of their policies. Our content team assisted with the writing of their pages that works best with SEO practices as well as providing Sucre with their first two blogs prior to launch. 

The Blue Ocean Team had the great honour of working to develop and rebrand Providence Therapeutics' site. We are so excited with what this company represents we would hug them...but we won't...not now anyway, maybe later.

Our amazing designers had a tight timeline on this site, and they sure delivered! We made their homepage much more eye-catching by adding interactive graphics in the header. Videos were also added to each of their "technology" blocks, and the clients were blown away by how awesome it looked. Providence is working on some really important things for the world, so we added a timeline on their homepage so anyone who visits their site can see just how much they've progressed. We provided this site with the latest in security and CMS (content management systems) components. 

The Blue Ocean Team managed to take this highly analytical site and put our creative flare on developing Framework's new site! Our designer's created a new logo for them and a brand new colour palette, brightening up the website. We created little cute but professional-looking icons for their homepage and added more photos to the website. For best SEO practice we assisted with their content. We provided Framework with the latest CMS components, allowing speed and flexibility for editing and maintaining content. 

The Blue Ocean Team had a great time redesigning Elkwater Lake Lodge and Resort's website, the client came to us with a brand new logo and it was simplistic and modern. Our designers were put to work to rebrand their website to match the sleek modern feel of their new logo. Elkwater was kind enough to provide stunning pictures of their accommodations and amenities, we were able to place the pictures all around the website to highlight their beautiful lodges. We changed their menu so it is easier to navigate and more user-friendly. We updated their booking system to help customers find availability easier. Our designers created icons for the homepage to make it more captivating, and it's all very cute!

The Blue Ocean Team had the privilege to redesign Tornado Tech's new website! We gave their site a more modern and current feel, making it more user-friendly on mobile, desktop and tablets. The beautiful imagery on the site was provided by the client, and we added them all over the site to keep it eye-catching! We created two website variations, one for their Canadian market and one for their USA market. The site was very content-heavy, our team designed the content to target industry professionals looking for education and resources on the engineering principles involved in the design of gas destruction equipment.

You'll Udderly adore this site! Our returning client, Uniblok Canada requested a full redesign of their website. It was a pleasure to be able to work with this small (Team of 6) but mighty team again. We gave Uniblok a more modern look and feel, and ensured the website was much more user-friendly. Our designers worked to create a brand new logo for Uniblok. They are known for their octagon shape, we incorporated the octagon around their homepage. We added more photos all around the website, photos kindly provided by Ciara Sandum Photography. Not only did we refresh their site, but we also took over their hosting.

We plead guilty for updating and developing Bourdon Defence's new website!

The Blue Ocean Team had the honour of redesigning Bourdon Defence's beautiful new site using our latest content management systems, we gave the website a powerful yet approachable feel, giving it a brighter look that best represents her personal brand. Because first impressions are so important as a lawyer, our talented designers created clean and simple icons for the website's homepage making it easy to navigate through the website. Our client provided us with some excellent headshots, we created a slider for the header of the homepage. We not only designed the website, but we are providing Bourdon Defence with our in-house hosting services and website support. 

The Blue Ocean Team had so much fun redesigning First Executive's website using our latest CMS components! We packed up our camera and drone and flew around the building, capturing an amazing video for their homepage. Go take a look! Our amazing designer developed a brand new logo for them, the "i" is a building! We must say, it looks great! For best SEO practices, we updated their content and copywriting. We gave the site a more sleek, professional and modern look, ensuring to keep in line with their branding. We added bigger images to make the pages more eye-catching. 

The Blue Ocean Team took to the next level. Working closely with our friends from the sunny shores of Florida, we simplified the navigation, improved the user experience, and created a stunning new web design using our latest CMS components. Utilizing their existing branding, we brightened up the colours, created custom graphics, and finished it all off with a stunning video slider that captures the bright and beautiful essence of Fort Lauderdale, Flordia.

It Quivers!

We're so excited to present Arrow Geothermal's website to you! The Blue Ocean team gave them the full package, a new logo and a branding package. Our designers did an amazing job developing a brand new site for Arrow with custom interactive header graphics. Click away, it's really cool! To keep all their material modern and up-to-date we reworked all their business materials, created brand new PowerPoint presentations and helped update their business plan to align with their new branding. To help them get noticed, we reworked all their copy on the site to align with best SEO practices.

Another perfect blend! Blue Ocean loves coffee, and we love working on coffee-related projects! Aromano has been a long-standing client of Blue Ocean, and we're excited to present their new website! We worked closely with the Aromano team to develop a brew-tiful website. This site utilizes our latest versions of CMS (content management systems). We helped develop an online store for Aromano as well as a subscription service for all those coffee addicts out there!

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