Mobile App Development

app-web-development-calgaryMobile apps can be an effective business tool that can help companies and organizations be efficient. Smart phones come equipped with the latest technology including GPS tracking, wireless networking, infrared, cameras, lights, and large easy to view screens. This technology can be adapted for use in your business. Whether you need a Blackberry app, iPhone App, or an Android App, Blue Ocean can help you develop an app that makes sense for your business to use. Contact us today to talk about how a mobile app can help you manage and grow your business ASAP.


Using the latest technology, mobile apps can be an effective business tool and a powerful marketing opportunity with big revenue generating potential.

Here are some of our latest App Developments


Child Guardian

The Child Guardian Network is a network developed for the sole propose of helping parents find missing children quickly. It enables a parent to take instant action when a child is missing and not waste any valuable time. It keeps the details required in an abduction readily available and allows you to send out notifications and details to other Child Guardians and the police IMMEDIATELY.


NCS Energy Services

The NCS Health & Safety (HSE) app is a private application for NCS employee use only. This app allows employees to submit Incident Reports, Trip Assessments and a Safety Passport to store their training certifications.


3 Prostate Diseases (Tanzania)

This book promotes awareness in Tanzania of the Three Diseases of the Prostate. The prostate gland is a vital part of the male reproductive system, and one of the most difficult to talk about. Prostate cancer kills many men every year, but there are two other diseases of the prostate that also cause men pain and lower their quality of life.

Why choose us?

  1. We have a proven track record of delivering tightly targeted products, utilising our extensive iPhone, Windows and Android app development experience to further enhance the operational efficiency of our clients through enterprise mobility.
  2. Whether your company is looking to increase employee productivity, reach out to your customer base, or explore an untapped niche market, we are able to deliver custom app development solutions that leverages enterprise mobility to promote growth.
  3. Our software engineers remain at the fore-front of innovation of both iPhone development and Android development, allowing us to identify and react to emerging market trends - enabling your company's growth to be sustained over time.