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ARUCC Transcript & Transfer Guide Website is Live

We are proud to announce that the ARUCC Transcript & Transfer Guide website is now live. Earlier this year, ARUCC asked our team to update their main website and design a new logo to celebrate their 50th anniversary. This new website is a co-branded site for ARUCC/PCCAT. The newly designed mobile responsive website is multilingual, featuring the guide in English and French. We’ve integrated a database that is also multilingual, ensuring the user experience is customized as desired. Using best practices the website has a professional, clean and modern style that is easy to navigate.

The ARUCC PCCAT Transfer & Transcript Guide is a national online resource for Canadian registrarial, pathway practitioners and policy developers. It contains standards, definitions and additional resources for nearly 500 transcript and transfer credit terms in an online, searchable format.

To see the full website, you can visit it here:

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