Looking to update their website, Calgary’s K.C. Seals Inc. got in contact with our web development team. We are stoked to announce that their new upgraded web design is now live.    Our team worked tirelessly, creating a custom web design and then programming the site such that it is mobile responsive. K.C. Seals wanted the site to be an information hub and as such, we integrated their comprehensive list of product specifications and materials info accordingly. Despite the heavy amount of information available, the site remains easy to navigate and resources can be found quickly.

K.C. Seals Inc. provides efficient and successful sealing solutions. Since 1992, they have supplied hydraulic sealing components. Today, they engineer, manufacture, and distribute new sealing solutions, collaborating with everyone of their clients to find the best sealing solution for their needs. 

To learn more and check out the new site, go here:

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