Add Products

This video tutorial will teach you how to add a product to your Magento eCommerce website. It will show you how to navigate through the dashboard to input a product and make use of all the features available to price and describe your product.

The tutorial includes:

  • How to navigate within the dashboard to manage products
  • How to add a product to Magento
  • How to distinguish between mandatory fields
  • How to create a “new” tag item in your web store
  • How to add tiered pricing for your products
  • How to add special pricing for promotions
  • How to include meta information to your products
  • How to upload product images
  • How to manage your inventory and stock in Magento
  • How to change stock availability
  • How to feature products in multiple websites
  • How to add products to multiple product categories
  • How to use related products, up sell and cross sell features
  • How to use filters to easily find products