Agreements (3)

Agreements for usage of Web Candy provided products and services.

Domain Name Management (1)

Various video tutorials containing information about domain management, transferring domains etc.

e-Commerce Management (7)

A collection of video tutorials containing information on how to manage your online store.

E-mail Set Up (11)

Learn how to set up your e-mail program to access and download your emails onto your computer

General Info (3)

Various Articles Containing Information about Web Candy

Presentations (4)

A collection of BlueOcean Interactive Marketing presentations containing a treasure of knowledge from choosing a web developer to the ins and outs of social media.

Web Hosting Management (8)

Learn how to access your cPanel, create databases, create FTP accounts and more...

Website Content Management (24)

A collection of video tutorials explaining features of the Content Management System and how to use the WYSIWYG editor

Most Popular Articles

 02. How to login to your cPanel

View the video-tutorial below on how to login to your cPanel account.

 02. Set up e-mail account in Microsoft Outlook Express

Be Prepared: * Have the e-mail address, and the password you set up ready.   //

 05. Setting Up and Accessing Your FTP Account

Learn how to set up an FTP account that will allow you to access and manage your web files. FTP...

 01. Creating a New E-mail in C-Panel

Your Web Candy hosting account allows you to set up miltiple e-mails. View the movie below to...

 01. Adding Products

How to add products in your eCommerce website.